Sunday, December 30, 2012


Oh my, 2013 is coming, and i just celebrated my bday :(

This year i worked on the day of my birthday :( but yea.. Wat so grand about bday whn u started to step out of the working world huh

Anyway, thanks to my part time friends for the bday celebration thou

But i was damn down bcse of my lack of appointment booked by customers

Here is a collab of pictures i took with my friends who celebrated with me

Yea, a special thanks to my tpians babes who make my day meaningful just hope that we have more gathering time in the future ;)

And thanks my laling peng who celebrated with me a day before 1228 with her boo :) *chu* we are both poor thing december babies xd

As u can c, the red velvet cake was made by Kaka :) , the chocolate cookies was made by my Dear :), the ice cream was bought by colleague, Starbucks tumbler from my laling Peng, and cakie from my part time friends, i was too epic fail for nt bringing my camera so i missed out taking nice pic of the food i had with cloud and lu, both of them treated me.

Lastly, i am glad that you girls made my day happy :)

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