Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pepper Lunch @ Pavilion

Had pepper lunch at pavilion! i miss this so much!
 My choice: Salmon Pasta Set
 I choose to add on RM4.90 for 1drink and (miso soup/ice cream/ salad/ mashed potato)
this taste good man! however i hope there will be more sauce given! overall it taste awesome but oily XD
 I choose Caramel Ice Cream, it taste good but a little too sweet for my liking

Boo's Chicken pepper rice

Us with KLCC's view at the background

Sometimes i have love hate relationship with the Sony Camera
it shows how my actual skin condition looks like! i can see my pores and white head too TcT

 OOTD! mustache T!
sometimes i just don't understand why humans stare at people in such a weird stare
did i owe u money? or do my face hv something on it? or do my outfit look weird?
somehow it's just annoying to get these kinds of stare

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