Sunday, October 14, 2012

Churpout 2012 @ Publika

Hey guys! Did you guys went to Churpout 2012@publika ?
it was actually my first time to Publika thou^^

Can't believe I get to see Cheesie, Audrey, Chuckei and Nana!!!
They are so gorgeous in real life! Too bad, coward me, did not request for a photo session with them sigh ttm, anyway I wasn't in a good condition that day due to period cramp, so nvm la *consoling myself*

I went there around 3pm, most things were sold, I couldn't spot any Candydoll item at cheesie and Audrey's booth TT
A paparazzi shot of them lol

Loving the goodies cum recycle bag of churp churp! So cute


Left Publika after exploring the shops and headed to Wangsa walk to satisfy my crave for popcorn!

Then headed back to my Hse for dinner with my mummy n boo
Tried on my boots, aww superb Lub, match wit my purple jeans well

That's all, caoz

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