Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kuchai food court

it's likes finally I met up with my boo today
And we returned to Kuchai food court for dinner. Few stalls weren't there anymore
And few stores are new. So we gave a try for this stall
The crab stall and Ikan Bakar stall are under the same owner

RM23 for 2crabs, we ordered sweet and sour crab

Golden bun 5pcs @ RM5

The crabs are fresh, big, fleshy, the sauce taste good and the golden bun blends well with the sweet n sour sauce with egg. Nom nom
Oh yea they are also having promotion for Ikan Bakar whereby RM10 for 2 Ikan pari! Gonna try out that in my Nxt visit!

Thanks for treating me this scrumptious dinner to release my stress and depress emotion, thanks for the 儿童节 goodies bag again

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