Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kpop Songs 2012

I am here to intro the kpop songs i love 
this is my second or third time sharing my love for kpop
i bet now, no one is unfamiliar with the latest hit song = Gangnam Style
so no point introducing it again..
and i only find the original ver nice(which is without hyuna's voice)

Anyway just click on these videos, you guys will love it =)

B.A.P- No Mercy

B.A.P- Warrior

B.A.P- Power

B.A.P- Dancing in the rain

B.A.P- Secret Love

B.A.P- Unbreakable

B.A.P- Voicemail

B.A.P- What my heart tells me to do

B.A.P- Voice Message

Super Junior- SPY

Beast- Beautiful Night

juniel- illa illa

Sistar- Lovin U

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