Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Couldn't believe that this semester we have tons of things to do while it's only the fourth week of this semester. *pats self-head*
Exams, presentation everything popping up TT
I just want to graduate as soon as possible and kick my ass back to the real world and earn my own money. In order to make a trip to Japan, Korea (again), buy my own thing, take care of parents. Sigh
But I know working is not an easy task as I used to work before too
Whatever, one gets to broaden their social network and be more mature in thinking wise when they step in to the cruel world right..

See if I am working now.. I can get this nice Marc Jacobs bag myself!
Then I can abandon my ugly cacated bag away!

Anyway wishes myself all the best for my last two semester. Yea I can do it.. No.. Is I must do it.. 안녕

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