Monday, July 23, 2012

Santouka ramen, Pavilion

Had Santouka Ramen 火頭山, it's located at Pavilion,Tokyo Street

It's always packed with customers whenever I drop by there
after trying their ramen, now we know why this shop always have overwhelmed with customers
My choice,soya sauce ramen taste great, the soup based taste good, the char siu taste yummy. Everyone knows the highlight of a good ramen depends on its soup based. Santouka Ramen never let us down indeed!

My boo's choice was spicy soya sauce ramen, the soup based wasn't too spicy, tasted awesome. Both of us nearly finished up the ramen soup! Yet it doesn't make us feel thirsty at all!

My boo and myself ^^

He bought so many snacks for me^^ felt like i m hving children day儿童节

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