Thursday, July 19, 2012

Leong Chee Kee, Penang

Managed to discover Leong Chee Kee while searching for my Penang itinerary :)
8TV's Ho Chiak dropped by Leong Chee Kee before
8-C People’s Court
Campbell Street
10100 Penang.

It's kinda difficult for tourist to spot the shop, so it's better for you guys to ask the locals for direction to save up time :)

The Gai Dan Gou with sunflower seeds taste good! There's only 2 packet left whn we reached:(
Hap Tou Sou, for me I think it taste normal :)
Tambun biscuit,豆沙饼 don't taste gd
I felt stupid as I forget to buy the coconut tart, my friend said it taste nice, maybe during my next visit? :)

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