Saturday, June 30, 2012

Uncle Jang , puchong

Finally get to dine at Uncle Jang, a Korean restaurant located at Bandar Puteri Puchong, on top of D'Rich.
Spotted many famous bloggers introducing Uncle Jang
Now I know why people love it!
Uncle Jang's speciality is Dakgalbi,their menu



Complimentary cold water

We(3ppl)ordered 2 proportion of non spicy Dakgalbi,
Add on 1ramen and fried rice
These kimchi, sauce,bowl of soup, lettuce are given
depends on how many proportion of Dakgalbi you ordered

Before the Dakgalbi was cooked

The worker helps us to stir and cook it

My sister waiting for it to be ready to eat

Ramen being added in, and it's ready to eat!

You can wrap it with the lettuce given

Later, when u ate almost 2/3 of your Dakgalbi,
ask the worker to add on the fried rice we ordered earlier

Tadah, continue and eat again

Me with the apron given to prevent stain on your shirt

There's no service charge and tax, and we spend RM50 for this meal
RM50 for 3pax, quite reasonable right.
I miss it already, I wanna have Dakgalbi again!!!
Korean cuisine is one of my favorite after Japanese cuisine!

After meal, we dropped by Ochado, Sri Petaling to have Mille Crepe before heading home
Vanilla Mille Crepe RM9.90

Chocolate Mille Crepe RM9.90

I prefer chocolate one, not bad, however we still prefer Nadaje's.

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