Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mickey exhibition mid valley

Hey guys! Have you drop by Mickey's exhibition@ Mid Valley Centercourt ? If no, just drop by there and have a look, lots of childhood memory reconnected while looking at those giant Mickey figure. Couldn't believe that Mickey was founded since 1928

And guess what I saw this pooh bottle!!! 可愛いですか?
pooh is my fav Walt Disney character yoo wonderful if they were released in the ocean and river, freedom will be awaiting for them

Bump into my ex college mate today, victer and *ops I forget his name*
glad to hear ppl commenting that I look thinner compare to last time :)
it's great to bump into old friends, DIBA was the most memorable college life for me,
although there are ups and downs,
but when you know your true friend is out there with you, you feel blessed.
Glad that Peng is with me in inti now, if not I will be like a dead meat hanging around every day in college.
My three BFF from DIBA, Elisha,Jenna and Peng
*heart warming trip with them at malacca few years back*

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