Friday, May 11, 2012

Malaysia's Largest Car Marketplace

As we know with the current advance technology, it have made our live convenient,
we can do most things online without queuing up, going through newspapers etc etc
For example, banking, paying bills, ticket booking, looking for house to rent, and even
online car purchasing!!
Recently i found a website call Carsifu , it's really user friendly and convenient!
Carsifu is basically Malaysia's leading car classified website, 
it enables us to place our car for sale on their website, and the best part is IT'S FREE

For me i think everything are well organized thou, 
and there's even a google satellite map on the car dealer's showroom @@
This is one of the feature i have not spot in any other car classified website in Malaysia
Enough of talking, here are some guides for you =)
Registration, it's really simple and fast! 

 You can check your car bookmarks here easily

Post Car Ads
 Just fill up all this then you are done!

Search for Cars 
simply click on the list of top cars
 If you can't spot the car brand which you one, then scroll down a little more
you will spot another list call More Cars
For example, I clicked Suzuki, this page turns out
Under Refined Cars, enable you to choose which suzuki model you prefer
 Car Ads
since i am interested with Suzuki Swift *my dream car lol*
 Under the same page of suzuki swift ad which i choose
Description of the car, contact
 MAP OF THE SHOWROOM!!! this is cool, convenient
In the same page, you can either contact the seller thru this 

If you are interested with this suzuki car, you could bookmark it for your future viewing purpose
To check back your bookmark car, go to your dash board and you can see this page =)
COOL right? it's really user friendly for age groups.
start browsing your ideal car thru Carsifu now!

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