Thursday, May 10, 2012

JobStreet campus career talk

It's a great opportunity for me to attend Jobstreet's career week in INTI
the title is "Are you ready for hire?*
although i attended interviews and worked before, 
my exposure, knowledge and experience still falls on newbie or Amateur level

I managed to get many valuable information about 
- how we should write our resume
- best ways to answer questions
- how to project yourself
- how you should dress up

However i miss out the opportunity to attend talks from Shisedo, L'oreal, Marjolica Marjoca
Hope there are more career talk during my last two semester
Have you guys plan for your future yet?Which career path you are going to pursue?

Me? i think so, but i would like to double confirm before graduating, because i do believe that 
"if one loves their job, they won't feel demotivated on going to work everyday"

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