Sunday, April 15, 2012


Rainbow makes me feel there's a sign of hope or miracle. I ♥ rainbows

 I feel like going for a one day trip beach getaway to get out from this hectic city
 to have a nice sea breeze, fly some kites, picnic etc
i miss beaches
 imagine wearing sunglasses, shorts, singlets, flip flops walking on the beach makes me feel great already

After speaking of rainbow and beach, i think my hair looks damn out of shape. 
shouldn't cut my hair after my redang trip. since then my hair looks like 2 boomerangs hanging side by side on my head *wtf* 

SEE it's like 2 boomerangs's shape right?!?!??!
This is why i love to put all of my hair on one side whn i take pictures =^c^=

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