Saturday, January 28, 2012

Melliesh Lip Gloss 02 Baby Pink Review

Thanks to my sissy who bought my favorite Melliesh Lip Gloss
Melliesh is design by Yui Kanno 菅野結以 *ex Popteen model*

This is the list of lip gloss by Melliesh

I choose 02 Baby Pink as my lips looks quite pale, 
and i prefer my lips look abit pinkish cse i think it looks "healthier" instead of looking like a sick patient
Melliesh's packaging
 This is how 02 Baby Pink looks like
 The brush
 How it looks on my palm
 Before applying lip gloss, looks like a sick patient right =(
 After applying lip gloss

Overall i am loving Melliesh's lip gloss.
the colour looks nice, easy to apply, not greasy, not sticky at all, quite long lasting for me.
will try out another colour next time ;)

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