Sunday, January 1, 2012

Malacca Food and Tourist Attraction

I am starting to miss Malacca's food already =*(
For me, Malacca's must eat food aand place to visit will be these following listing

Malacca's Must Eat Food
1. Satay Celup
Restoran: Capitol Satay
Operating Hours: 5.00pm
Price Per Stick: RM0.80
 The worker will mix some sort of powder and peanuts tgt ON THE SPOT,
changes the pot of sauce every batch of customers
Choices Of Foods
 Part of what we choose
the prawns were fresh!
But you must go queue up earlier. look at the crowd after i came out from the restaurant

2. Cendol and Nyonya Food
Restaurant: Jonker 88
  The Nasi Lemak taste good!=)  really satisfied my taste bud

3. Ice cream
Perfect Egg Ice Cream
Location: Jonker Street
Price: RM3.00
Chocolate , Strawberry + Lychee
Sour Plum, Lychee
Me happily posing with my egg ice cream

Malacca's Must Go Place

1. Malacca Wonderland
Entrance Fees: School Holiday RM30(Adults)
Love the slides, must drop by there if you have a chance to visit Malacca

Dropped by at Geographer Cafe
since there's quite alot of good review on it
The service is actually VERY SLOW, food being served SUPERB SLOW
many customer just couldn't bear with the "tortoise"  like service left
Iced Local Coffee
Nyonya Curry Something
Nyonya Fried Rice with Satay
taste not bad actually
Tom Yam Coconut
personally, i don't think it taste good, since tom yam should be sour cum spicy
but this is just plain sour and sweetish.. definitely not a good recommendation

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