Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Up N Down

In our life, we come across many things. 
it have the ability to make our emotion goes up and down goes on right =)

Lotte Milkis *taste like antibiotic*
Deer Sesame Dressing again *slurp*
 Expired Korean Crackers *yummy*
 Dried Blueberries taste good!
KimchiHaru Korean Cuisine *yummy!*
 ISENBIN Taiwanese Handmade Dessert! Yummy!
 Domino's Pizza! *Yummy as usual*
 *Madam Kwans' yummy!*
Forever 21 Earings! thnkiew
Feel like chopping my hair off d. hope it looks good

praising one comes from the bottom of your heart
praising someone, means you really means that 
don't praise someone just to pleased them and make them feel good
but actually u dont mean it♥
Being random here. =) sorry if i make u feel bored

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