Thursday, September 22, 2011

Life Goes On

Been quite busy these days =(
Have been eating RT Pastry House's buns
i love their buns, the buns taste better than other bakery shops' ;)
but i miss Levain's pastries n mushroom soup too =*( wish to go there again
RT PASTRY HOUSE located at SS15 near Public Bank

Restaurant 家乡风味 @SS15 near Baskin Robbin
their fish paste sang mee taste good, cost RM8.90 
huge portion, lots of fish paste etc definitely worth the value

Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant @ Klang
overall nice food, but dun really like the sotong,
reasonable price too =)
Souvenir from lu
Organize my skin care n cosmetic products quite "neatly" =c=
 "evil" blackboard which reminds me of the important dates
*ignore my ugly writting, the chalk is too tiny for me to hold @@*

Rainy day ~Trip to Genting during late evening
i enjoy every trip i go with you ;)

I'm hooked on you..♥

lying down alone thinking of the past,current,future =*(

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