Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Good Afternoon People =)
Gonna Update bout my Wonderful Sunday (last week) and my "Studying Trip" With Peng

First time going to few places in a day =D
Puchong-IOI-Pavilion-Wangsa Walk-Wangsa Maju
*phewwww* although it's tiring but i felt happy ;)

Dine @Little Pantry, IOI Mall
nice concept, quite similar to Full House's concept
My Cabonara was ok, not bad

Pictures Time
 Seafood Marine
The Couples
* my face is like a football, being covered with cloth on it =(*

Iphone Apps: Pudding Camera *My all time fav*

Android Apps: PriPri Marron, PhotoWonder

"Study Trip"

Dine @ Carl's Jr
Chill@ Borders, Starbucks
Android Apps: Vignette Demo
 Iphone Apps: Pudding Camera
Iphone Apps: Leme Leme

Check out this 2 links..great offer! i wanna play paintball again =(

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