Monday, June 27, 2011


My first visit to Taiping, Perak
main reason for my visit to Taiping was to attend my bf's sis wedding dinner
*congrats to the newly wed couple*
ps: his sis is one of the most beautiful bride i have ever seen

Taiping is a nice place for a short trip
But not a nice place for me to live there permanently
I am used to City Live♥

Gotta learn Hokkien d, everyone in Taiping speaking Hokkien TT
~i am like a lost chicken~

Hello Taiping

 ♥ The Food

♥ The Hiong Bengs

Thanks uncle for the hiong bengs ♥

♥ Ipad2's front camera

♥ Being a tourist

~Taiping War Cemetery ~

~Taiping Lake Garden~

~ The Slide~

~Taiping's Zoo~

~The Parking Coupon~

♥ The Wedding

♥ My Bf

♥ The little baby boy

- I love traveling -

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