Friday, June 17, 2011


I love watching Drama so much
especially Japan, HK Drama
Currently watching 
高校生レストラン *Kokosei Restaurant*
 This Drama is About:
A Chef with top notch skills,  
but he became a culinary arts teacher at a local high school in order to open a high school student restaurant
He encourages students who have no dreams or hope, 
and matures together with them through the operation of a restaurant and instructions in cooking

Another Drama that i am waiting for is
VAMPIRE DAIRIES SEASON 3! it will be release on Sep 2011 *excited*
Stephan Salvatore is the most handsome vampire =D
 For those who want to know more about Vampire Diaries, 
can check out this link
earlier this year, i blogged about this drama

-Drama can be unreality, but it enables us to learn something from it too ♥-

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