Thursday, June 2, 2011


Whenever i look at the mirror
i felt disgusted.
because the longer i look at my hair, the uglier i am

maybe this hairstyle doesnt look good on me
next time just trim my long hair will do,* without touching my fringe =)*

Fall for the vintage style dress from MNG.. but it cost a BOMB
can anyone get it for me? *giggles*

tomorrow will be my last day in MTM
thanks for everything Esther, Shirley =*)
and i will miss my fellow colleagues
and my bf ! cse i couldnt see him often like how i do now!


  1. Hi ! Well...mmm, i'm really sending lots of comments to your blog! So sorry..! I really enjoyed this page :)
    This pic is a bit old, but believe me, most of girls in my country would really feel blessed to have your hair! (I am one of them! www) Bye dear!! ^^

    1. Hi. I actually do appreciate ur comment. Glad tat u like my blog. Tjx^^ TT