Saturday, May 21, 2011

Retirement Party

Attended Mrs.Kate's Retirement Party
located at The Courtyard Garden
nice environment 

Menu Of The Day

Light is kinda dim.. bad photo quality

Starter- Rice Croquet

Soup- Cream Of Tomato
 Main Course- Miso Salmon
 Main Course- Chicken smtg
 Dessert- Creme Brulee

-don't fancy the dishes served that night-

Outfit Of The Day

Pirates Of The Carrabian Event @ Mid Valley
*ps: watched the movie d!*

A small piece of choco given from Jeff.


  1. Such a cool party! By the way, is Mrs. Kate your teacher? Aside from typical parties, a retirement party is one of the most heart-warming parties we know. There are times when you could cry because you're happy for the person who'll have the greatest time of his/her life.

  2. Hi there =) nope Mrs.Kate is my ex-boss =)
    yea that was my first time attending a retirement party. had a great experience. thanks for your visit =P