Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mother's Day Celebration♥

Celebrating important festival and days
is one of my family's tradition
This time we celebrated Mother's Day
@ Xenri Japanese Cuisine, Old Klang Road
nice interior design, Japanish design ♥

For me Xenri's Buffet is definitely better than Saisaki =)
but it depends one individual thou, 
can give a try dining there,it provides ala-crate, set meals, buffet
Feel free to check out their website, Xenri

Our Big room for 19 person
 nice pond beside the room

lastly Picture of myself
i know i look UGLY and lack of energy =*(
time to pamper myself more with mask ♥
 Marino!!! originated from Hokkaido, Japan!!!
thxie boyfie for giving it to me

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