Monday, April 11, 2011

Wonderful Saturday

did everyone enjoy your weekend?
 I past my weekends with packed activities♥
I ♥ busy weekends instead of sitting down facing the pc whole day @ home

Feel like getting away from Segi College 
hope everything turns out okay

Old Town Breakfast with Peng =)
memories coming back again (・x・)

Segi's Ladies *lol*

Snowflakes after our visit @ INTI
a great cooling dessert during the hot weather ♥♥

Lu's Birthday Celebration. Happy 21st girl 
 ♥ u, 
hope you like the card i made for you (^ω^)

The pretty birthday girl =)

Our memories =P

Made by Mua ;P
How am i going to past my 21st birthday? 
well~ 7 months to go

- Study hard, plan for a better and brighter future =)
i believe i can light up my path in the future-

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