Monday, April 4, 2011

Petrosains + Aquaria

Visited Petrosains and Aquaria 
located @ KLCC

Being a Malaysian.. this was my first time visiting Aquaria =)
RM35 per entry for Adults with MyKad
kinda expensive.. but...once in a life time wat...

Let the picture talk~


Lunch @ MCD





 My favorite..Jellyfish
reminds me of Nagreboshi..


I can barely open my eyes.. what a tiring yet happy trip =)

Lastly.. My truly 

-How i wish to be a Jellyfish.. 
* Jellyfish has no bone, no brain..
therefore they don't need to think... no worries
* Jellyfish are poisonous... 
therefore no one dare to hurt them.. they protects themselves
* Jellyfish has no digestive system..
when they dies.. they just evaporate or dissolve or melt away.. nothing left..
just disappears..

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