Thursday, April 28, 2011


I'm the kind of person who wont express how i feel
everyone knows me know about this shity side of me
attitude that you have since you were a kid..
it's really hard to change..

Everytime i tried to open up my heart. for sure negative things keep happening
this is why i hate to express how i feel. how i wish i can be like my sis
expressing whatever she wants and how she feels

Everything is just my fault..
sorry for me being a person like this
but i hope you understand me thou
but i can feel that you can't tolerate and endure my attitude any further..

lets change...

- What i thought and expect from my other half
is just an illusion.. in reality...
your other half wouldn't do that to you
I'm still living in my LA~LA~LAND-

yea i am naive cum childish..

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