Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Taiwan cookies

My dear bought some souvenir from taiwan
after this trip back to KL, 
she will only come back on March NEXT YEAR (・x・)
 i will miss her kao kao =*(

 These cookies really taste good XD
especially the one with horoscope one =P
thankiew dear \(^O^)/

CNY is around the corner
i wanna gamble, and collect ang paos ;P
i love yee sang, i hate lion dance (・x・)w
lion dance are way to noisy for me, it pollutes my ear =X

tomorrow will be Lunar Year in Korea =)
will update more info bout Lunar year tmr.
to promote Korea's tradition festivals
and to increase my knowledge on Korea's culture \(^O^)/
Stay Tune yea♪♪

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