Thursday, February 17, 2011

This post is all about family gathering
i love family gatherings
i cherish every moment i have with them
since you know nothings is more important than family love~

♥ Purple Cane Restaurant's food.
the branch that i tried located at Mid Valley, The Gardens LG Floor ♥

Purple Cane's Food ~Yummm~~♥

San Terri Cottage ♥
Located at LG Floor, The Gardens Mid Valley too
They are selling varieties types of cakes and beverages
smtg bad about this cafe is.. there's not enough seats!! =X

My cousin brother and sister's children
which i become a aunty of them =*(

Baby Tara and my aunt, grandma

Lisa and Tara ♥

My cousin brother, his Japanese Wifey, baby George and Lisa ♥

Tara's beloved plushie - Barney!
i ♥ Barney when i am young too =)
i guess most of us ♥ Barney too =)

Piano ♥♥

My cousin sister did this, she sells bracelets i mean own hand-made ones♥

Gonna end this post with one of my pic =D

- I do not know what's happening
but i gave my initiative to speak up to u
since u juz ans what i asked. thn fine =) -

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