Saturday, January 29, 2011


Went to Pavilion ystd with my sissy
did not buy any cloths for CNY =*(
except Sticky ――――(゚∀゚)―――― !!!!

Tried Shimino Japanese Crepe
taste good actually
but fattening(*´Д`*) because of the cream
*nice food are actually fattening thou =x *
go try it out for those who haven't try before
it's located at 5th Floor, opposite GSC Cinema 

decided to sign up for Iphone4 plan.
gonna ask for my mum's permission thou =x
hopefully everything is ok

Last but not least Pictures of the day ;P

Shimino Japanese Crepe

Variety choices

Sissy's Strawberry flavour crepe

mine Chocolate cake +banana

Spotted some painting there. I those painting. nice right?

Managed to capture some of the process 
of the staff making Sticky 
one of the staff looks kinda handsome >c<

Bought Q-Jelly in Pandan flavour.
it's still nicely placed in my fridge =.=
share the review with you guys after i give it a try ;P

i love Etude House's nail polish =)

- I ♥ being single at the moment 
cause i haven find the one who manage to tingle my heart -
those who managed to, mostly have gfs=.=
so what to do.
single is the best

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