Thursday, December 16, 2010

i miss my blog

I stop blogging for awhile =x
anyway i'm back with some updates.
work for KLIMS
i guess almost everyone knows what kind of event KLIMS is
for those who dunnoe, it's Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show

we represent our company MTM Multimedia (Motor Trader Magazine)
have to sell calender/ guide book

there were quite many of pretty models =X
guess what, some one asked me to take picture with them. LMAO
and chips placed my pic on our web== 
which is an ugly pic of mine TT
gek sam

anyway, many colleagues get shocked bcse they tot i dun speak==
i dun dare to approach customers
but i proved it to them 
i can sell if i want to. proud of myself too =)

if you don't step out and try, you will never know

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