Thursday, November 4, 2010

Working Life

From my imagination, 
working life is fun but yet competitive within colleagues in the battlefield
there might be backstabbing or many other things there you couldn't imagine
colleagues might not like you =(
but of cause i think it wouldn't happen right now in my position
as i'm just a small position in the office=.= as a 
front desk officer

As a front desk officer, i thought my duty is to 
-> answer calls 
-> handle walked in customers, couriers agents for pick ups

But my duty is way more than that, which also gave me a shock
but it's quite interesting thou
i have to make all kinds of reports, P.O's, attendance list, ordering stocks, stock controller etc
assist my senior HR manager and assistant, which is Esther and Shirley 
they are kind and helpful colleagues thou =)

PS: i have to remember all 53 colleagues+ CEO in the office
i even recognize the wrong name and faces
god bless me... i must remember all of them asap to make my work easier

But i guess everyone will prefer Lina (the staff whom i replaced)
i guess other colleagues will not get used to me that fast =(
but i will guarantee i will do my best assisting you guys
and make all of you accept me.
wait for me.. i won't give up easily now =)

 FYI, i'm working for MTM Multimedia Sdn Bhd.
it's a company who published Motor trader magazines
you can advertise your cars through online and offline method.

My working Desk

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