Saturday, October 2, 2010


nothing seems to be easy
when you are stepping one foot closer to your future
you might feel lost and afraid cum hesitating whether to make the step or not

one must have self determine in order to achieve your goals
goals are main to be achieve
don't set your own goals but do not put your effort to achieve it

life aren't easy
there are peoples who
give all their effort for a better living 
some don't even give a damn because of their wealthiness
some steal from others
some wasted their precious time by doing meaningless things end up regretting it

I shall start working hard for my future
to avoid regretting anything i did now
I shall do my best for a better living
I am waiting for my better future ahead

People born poor aren't their fault
People die poor are their fault

1 comment:

  1. YES.. People born poor aren't their fault, but people born rich are their luck.