Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Chilling Night With Chang Beer

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Have not blog for ages now as I have been packed with work stuff back to back in a daily basis aiks working life. There goes my life in a media agency but hey it’s fun and challenging sometimes you see. With these hectic work life it is best to chill and mingle around with my colleagues and best friends especially after working hours or during my favorite days (Weekends!!). As I believe in work hard, play hard.

Chilling in pubs and cafes with colleagues and friends has already been one of my must do things after my long day in the office or back to back meetings. It’s always fun to gossip and rant about our life and things happen around us or even sampat-ing about any current trending topics we saw online.

Lately I came across the news of the launch of Chang Beer’s new bottle in Malaysia! My boyfriend is a fan of Chang Beer ever since he tried it with his friends and while we were Phuket. It’s great to know Chang Beer is finally in Malaysia *throws confetti on behalf for him*. After work, we tagged along to a bar near Changkat to chill paktor moment onz.

Enjoying the bottle of Chang for dinner, beer goes well with any cuisine especially Thai food hahaha

The new bottle of Chang Beer looks nice right

Came to know that Chang beer actually have a new bottle design across each country with a refreshing looking bottle design. Totally different look and feel compared to the one we saw in Phuket last October!
Suits hipsters too huh. Personally I love the look and feel of the new bottle. Looks much more attractive compare to the old one. But what matter most in the taste of Chang Beer, the beer is just too smooth. Highly recommended for everyone! Tried it and you will definitely love it! Trust me.

Le Boyfie enjoying his bottle of Chang beer here

Really enjoy the bonding moment with le boyfie after our long day at work, enjoyable moments talking while enjoying our bottle of Chang Beer! Guess I shall suggest my friends to go for some Chang Beer for our next gathering next time! They will definitely love it!

Want to know more about Chang Beer? Check out their Facebook Page here! Chang Beer Facebook Page:

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day 1 Singapore Trip

Finally I am ready to my D-1 Singapore post ( I will continue D-2 in the next post). As I mentioned in the earlier post, this was a superb last minute decision to travel to Singapore. We booked everything the night before!(air ticket, USS tickets etc). I can say that we were really insane that time. So I actually slept around 2am plus after doing some research and booked the tickets. I gave up packing up my luggage and decided to pack in the morning. Ended up…lesson learned! Never pack your luggage on the day you fly off. I forgot my antibiotic, toothbrush, facial wash! FML, mum have to uturn back home because of me.
We were forced to change SGD at LCCT which means we need to pay a higher exchange rate *smack head*.
Both of us were like zombies because we need to wake up at 6am so you can see that most of our pictures in D-1 looks like a sick tourist (in a good way). Our first day schedule was Check-in Hotel (Bugis) – Paris Baguette (Orchard Road) – Orchard Road – Marina Bay – Hotel. Of course, if I do drop by Singapore, I will look for Ciu. So we met up and she lead us to Marina Bay and we spend the whole evening together.

Since I only tried Paris Baguette once in Korea, I decided to pay a visit at their café in Wisma Atria, 2nd Floor. Lots of people during our visit (Late brunch time). 
I ordered Seafood Chowder (according to reviews it taste good) Peng ordered And I have no idea why both of us ordered the same drink Mocha…. Lol… 
For me, I think the Seafood Chowder taste good (must eat it while it’s till hot), since it’s my first time eating seafood chowder… I am not sure whether we should eat the bread used to surround the filling…but it taste super hard, I have to chew so hard. And I gave up eating the bread after I finished the filling. (please tell me the correct way of eating). The royal pudding taste not bad, better than Komugi's

Pictures taken by Sony NEX5-T
 Playing around with several effects from my NEX5-T

Pictures taken with Lumix GF6
 The pictures of food definitely looks better compare to mine (i still have not fully utilize my camera)

Ciu joined us after we finish our late brunch, we strolled around at Orchard Road, then make our way to Marina Bay! The view definitely look better during late evening/night. From there I get to see the Merlion opposite us. Surprisingly, Singapore is really windy at night! So cooling me likey!
Path of Orchard Road (Taken by NEX5T)

 Me, Peng, Ciu

 Pictures taken by Lumix GF6

Near Marina Bay, there is a food court offering various cuisine the first stall have the most people. (NEX5T)

The view is really nice, alot of people jogs there. it was superb windy, the bridge is quite shaky, which made me imagine the whole bridge collapse (choi)

We then rest our foot at the food court.. Korean food in the food court still can’t beat Malaysia’s The Gardens Food Court lar. *shake head*. Thought of touring the casino, but backpacks are not allowed, so we gave up (even we can put our bagpack in the locker..but still)
Headed to Gardens By The Bay to take some pictures
 Still using NEX 5-T,
Playing around with my Sony NEX5-T panaroma effect and Superior Auto effect.

This place was superb windy, our hair kena blow which makes us looks like a mad woman, but still want to take picture. Ahahaha.

Pictures taken by Lumix GF6

Compare to Panasonic Lumix GF6 pictures… hahaha mine is better *beh paiseh* but I prefer using Lumix GF6 selfie modes (as it have more scene modes compare to NEX5-T) *aih I am including some reviews of my both camera at the same time, faster thanks me lol*

After touring around, we headed back to hotel since we need to wake up earlier for USS and to use the shower room before others come back (sobs)

Stay tune for my Day 2 post. Coming soon...